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Satellite Radio Service: SIRIUS vs. XM

Satellite Radio Service: SIRIUS vs. XM

satelliteIf you are thinking about signing up for satellite radio service, you might wonder which paid service is best. It seems like the main contenders are XM and SIRIUS. Sometimes people just use XM as a name for all satellite radio bands, like AM and FM are for regular radio, so this can get confusing. However, the right choice probably depends upon what you and your family like to listen to.

Compare Channels, Costs, and Programming for SIRIUS vs. XM

Costs vary depending upon the length of your contract, and both services let you pay monthly. You can get cheaper packages if you buy several months at a time, and this might also be more convenient.

This programming lineup also varies all the time. This is some fairly recent information about programming and channels for SIRIUS and XM, but it could change:

  • XM channels: XM has 150 Channels
  • SIRIUS channels: SIRIUS has 120 channels.
  • Variety on SIRIUS: Out of SIRIUS’ 120, 65 are commercial-free music channels and the other 55 are “talk, news, sports and entertainment programming”.
  • Variety on XM: XM offers 67 music channels, many commercial free, with 30 others that stream a similar variety as SIRIUS.

Is SIRIUS or XM Better?

Go ahead and review the websites for each service to determine which is right for you. You will, of course, also need equipment that is capable of receiving satellite radio signals, so that may factor into your final decision too.

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